What is “save money live better?” If I tell you financial independence is a fundamental key to being happy, Do you agree with me?

Even in the modern world, considerable numbers of women have no job. They served their home as housewives, being lovely wife or mother to their kids. If you are not having a good source of income, you might have to depend on your husbands.

You might give up your dreams or aims, because of not having enough money. So, how pathetic is that?

I am sure, you are happy to make some income flow or at least make some savings with already you have. You can use these extra savings for whatever you prefer. It might be shopping for groceries, buying a new dress, going for a movie, or even for your family.

Do you know that most wise women understand that?

It’s not always how much you make, but how much you spend? If you save money, the money will save you. You can keep more money in your wallet.

Let’s see these amazing 7 habits of women who always having money

save money live better

1. They spend the remains after savings

When you get a paycheck, you must spend less than you earn. That means you must save money.

How do you save money? You must know about your income, all the expenses, and bills. There is a saying that “you don’t save what remains, but you must spend what remains after savings.”

In a more practical way, you can decide the percentage you are going to save. If it is 5%, your allocated expenses can be up to 95%. You might save 10%, 20%, or even 30% or more. The remained 90%, 80%, or 70% of a paycheck will be free to spend on that particular period.

It is a good habit to make your expenses after allocation money for your savings. This will increase your emergency fund. That means you will always have money. Then, you are in a “save money live better” state, you are stable enough.

save money live better

2. They maintain budgets for everything

Simply a budget means “an estimation of revenue and expenses over a certain period of time.”

Why do you need a budget?

As an amazing woman, you should know your incomes and drains of money. This will help you to have an idea about your current financial state. You realize your income sources and amounts. According to habit 1, you already made your savings.

Now you know how much you can spend next month. But, you must organize and prioritize your expenses. It includes bills for food, electricity, water, insurances, health, kids’ school fees, and so on. Meanwhile, you have to allocate some money for entrainments. You have to feel and enjoy life, but not to suffer. That’s why you need a budget.

save money live better

3. They lower their bills

How do you save money?

You have either made more or spend less. Making more money is pretty tough. But spending less is the best shot. Now, you know your savings, your budget for next month. It’s time to prime your budget to increase your savings by optimizing and prioritizing your expenses.

You can start with your bills. If you want to lower the electricity and water bills by changing simple things. For example, one loading washing machine per day or ironing once a day. The actions might be so simple, but the cumulative effect and end result will be amazing.

You can search the internet for life hackings or best tips for this. Second, you can cut down not necessary expenses. For example, extra candy, foods, and extra parties. You can use seasonal offers if you want to buy some big-budget things.

save money live better

4. They often use reward cards or seasonal offers

Now you know how to save first, the importance of a budget, lowering bills. Believe me, this is also a great tip if you are a regular buyer. You have an idea about how to prioritize the expenses. Considering your buying attitudes, some are essential to buy. Others are better to have or unnecessary to have. You can buy at shops or through the internet.

When you want to buy something, you can wait if it is not urgent. There are lots of seasonal offers like Black Friday, Christmas. The sellers are giving amazing offers. You can use them and save money. If you are an online buyer, you can search and find a coupon. That reduces a considerable amount of money from the final cost.

There are lots of mobile applications that give cash backs or reward points as a percentage. You can use for online purchases later on.

save money live better

5. They consume homemade meals rather than going out

Do you believe me? Apart from house rent, spending on food is the biggest expense of many. It will worsen if you used to buy meals out. Most of the time, these foods are not healthy but expensive. You can plan your diet.

You can buy ingredients, spices, fruits, and vegetables in bulk at once a week. It will save you money, time and transport fees. Meanwhile, you can your own tasty and healthy recipes.

save money live better

6. They will try to stay at home jobs

In this modern world, there are a number of opportunities to earn money while you at home. You can feed your kids, finish household works, and use your free time on earning some money. There are a lot of ways to earn money through the internet. You can share your experiences through social media.

You can make videos about day to day activities. You can do blogging. You can earn a lot of money. It will create your amazing financial independence. You have a chance to govern your expenses. You will enjoy life whatever you want.

Yes, you can try this; you will end up in the state of “save money live better”

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