The kitchen becomes dirty easily. It is worse when we use oil for preparing foods. Cleaning becomes more difficult. Rather than kitchen utensils, you have to clean the surfaces and floor. When your kitchen cabinets are made of wooden, it is a real challenge to clean them properly. Especially remove grease is a real problem It is due to you can damage them during the cleaning process. If not cleaning properly, it is a good source of harmful bacteria to grow.

The frequency of cleaning depends on how often you use the kitchen, the type, and methods of food processing, and the time you have taken for cooking. If you fry more, the amount of grease made is more. it will unclean your kitchen.
In the modern world, bathrooms and kitchens are indicators of your cleanliness and wellness. If your kitchen cupboards look dirty, shabby, discolored, and full of scratches and patches, it will challenge your pride. Especially, your visitors are at your home. Therefore, it is worth to know how to clean your dirty greasy wooden cupboard well. You have to what to do and what not to do. Otherwise, your properties will be damaged heavily.

How to remove grease from wood cabinets without Damage vakxer

What not to use to remove grease from dirty wooden cupboards.

Olive oil:
A lot of people say olive oil and baking soda are good ingredients to clean and remove grease from wood surfaces. But it is really hazardous. But the problem is you will experience a bad stinky odor a few days following cleaning with olive oil. It is able to remove built-up grease but damage the wood. Olive oil is a type of non-drying oils. When you apply it to the wood, it stays in liquid form and spoils. Noxious bacteria grow and causing health issues.

Vinegar is a brilliant natural cleaner and a good disinfectant. But it is acidic. It destroys the finishing of your wooden surfaces.

How to remove grease from wood cabinets without Damage vakxer

What could you use for cleaning greasy wooden surfaces?

Mild dish wash:

You can dissolve a teaspoon of mild dish soap in a cup of warm water. Dip a soft scouring sponge or rag into the solution and gently rub on the greasy areas. When grease mixed with dish soap it will strip off easily. You can use a damped cloth to wipe away all the remaining soap. Finally, use a microfiber cloth to dry the wooden surface off properly.

Oil soap wood cleaner:

It is good for tougher grease which difficult to remove with dish washes. It is specially made for wooden surfaces. You just wet a sponge with water. Squeeze excess water out. Add half of a teaspoon of oil soap wood cleaner on to the sponge and rub firmly but softly. Don’t apply much force. You can use a toothbrush over the hard area and tiny areas difficult to approach properly. Finally use a microfiber to wipe the remaining away.

Baking soda mixed with dish soap:

You can apply the above mixture over dried up food particles. It will soften after a few minutes. Then rub it off with a soft wet scouring sponge. Finally use a soft cloth to dry the surface out.

How to remove grease from wood cabinets without Damage vakxer

What is the solution for minor scratch marks?

You can use a felt tip marker which is the best fit with cabinet color and mark the scratch. Then wipe any excess paints away before it dries. It will give you a new look.

Extra Advice:

Dry cloth: make sure that your soft dry cloth not holding anything before use for wooden cabinets. Otherwise, it causes scratches or smears on surfaces.

Scouring sponges:

It traps lots of food particles and difficult to reach inaccessible areas. It will remain food and greasy particles causing incomplete cleaning. The best way to manage this problem is to discard it after a single-use.


A toothbrush is helpful to reach inaccessible areas. Rub well. Then use the same brush after rinse well to remove all the soap. Then, dry the area well with a cloth.

Now you have well-looking safe durable wooden cupboards. It will bring you a clean kitchen. You live your house very happily thereafter.


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