How do you plan new year resolutions in 2021? Yes, that is the correct question at the very beginning of the year not even only for 2021. New Year means a lot for people who seek success. It’s all about setting goals and achieves them.

The very beginning of a new year is the perfect time to set goals. It is also a long-standing tradition in the history of successful mankind.

However, only about 8% of people achieve their goals at end of each year. Believe me; about 25% of people who set goals for next year will stop working to achieve their goals within the first week. About 50% of people will forget their goals around June.

It is horrible. You need to be successful. But it is not easy. But, it is not impossible. Then, what is the reason most people fail to achieve their set goals at the end of the year?

In simple words, it is basically due to,

  • Your goal is not specific enough
  • Your goal is not achievable
  • Your goal is not realistic

These three factors are enough to make it difficult to reach and achieve your goals. That’s why we need to talk about this more. The goals will give a path, hope, and motivation. You will learn new skills and experiences. It drives you to achieve the goals.

Here we go…

new year resolutions

What could be the best new year resolutions/ goals to set for the New Year?

The goals are tailor-made. They depend on who you are, what you want, and where you want to reach. Here, we give an idea about the general goal setting. Even you are not trying the goals in our list, you will have an idea of how should they look.

Here some ideas of goals

  • Focus on a Healthy life: exercise more, lose weight, drinks more water
  • Quit bad habits: stop smoking, quit junk foods, and shift to healthy foods
  • Learn a new skill or hobby: learn a computer language, cycling, hiking
  • Improve your financial states: Pay of your debt, save more money
  • Travel more
  • Read more:
  • Buy a house or a land
  • Work for a job promotion
  • Start a new business
  • Spend less time on social media
  • Getting married or find the life partner
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • And more…

What happened to my last year’s set goals?

It is important to review your last year’s goals carefully before make for next year. You will realize how did you make, reach, and execute them. You will see how far did you achieve and what did you wrong to fail them. We suggest you find the answers to the following questions.

  • Did you achieve last year’s goals?
  • Where did you get stuck?
  • What did you do to overcome the issues?
  • What are the mistakes you made?
  • How could you skip these mistakes?
  • What kept you motivated or what made you lose your motivation?

By finding the answers to these questions, you will know what has happened and why you couldn’t reach your goals. Now you know how to make better goals, how to skip pitfalls, how to maintain momentum. You can build a better plan of goals base on your experiences. This calls learning through mistakes and experiences.

new year resolutions

What do you think about your goals? Are they smart enough?

When you make goals for a new year, they must be smart enough. How do you know the level of smartness of your goals?

1. Goals must be specific:

Why do you need to achieve this goal? What is the outcome of your goal? What is your resolution of making this goal? Is it specific enough or too boring? What do you have already to achieve this goal?

2. Goals must be measurable:

How do you measure or rate your progress? How do you know that you are still on the correct track?

3. Goals must be Realistic:

When you set a goal, it should be reachable and practical. You can use your experiences and common sense to make the achievable goals. Otherwise, you will lose your momentum and faith. You will lose at the end of the year. You can set a goal to earn 5000 USD per day, it is still realistic, but 50000 USDs per day is not real.

4. Goals must be relevant:

Your goals must be relevant to your needs and priorities. If you are a businessman, you make your goals in relevant fields. Your goals might be financial, legal, or related to manpower. Within a field, you can set the priorities.

5. Goals must be time-sensitive

By making goals, you can paste them into a time schedule. That will help you to measure the progress and awareness of you is on the correct track. You can apply for a deadline. When you achieve your goals within that time frame, you have something to celebrate. WOW, that’s amazing.

new year resolutions

Can you visualize your goals?

When you set the goals, your next task is to imaging your goals. You should able to visualize them well. You know what your goals are. Just imagine what will feel you when you reach them. It is fun. It will keep you motivated. We suggest you keep them visualized physically. It’s far better than imagined.

You can physically print your goals and achievements. Write down each of your resolutions and why they are important to you. You don’t forget them out. Instead of that, it will concrete your goals in brain matters. If you frequently forget your resolutions, how could you achieve them? Here, some ways to visualize your goals.

  • Build a vision board
  • Keep a journal or diary
  • Create a blog to discuss your goals and current states of them
  • Set reminders in your mobile, laptop, computer, or wherever you use to make your to-do list
new year resolutions

Why do you need to break your resolution apart into smaller tasks?

Your annual goals might be big enough to seem unachievable. But if you break them apart into small tasks, it will be easily achievable. This brings you daily, weekly or monthly goals. It is difficult to get forgotten. You have something to celebrate once a month. That’s great.

For example, just think that you set a goal to start a successful blog in the upcoming year; you can break your goal into monthly targets.

  • January- you find a name and a topic for your blog, brainstorm ideas, and start your blog
  • February- start writing blog posts and continuing
  • March- prepare for monetizing your blog
  • April- plan to increase page visits
  • June- start to write guest posts
  • And so on, at the end of the year, in December- turn in to full-time blogger with a good income

It is easy to subdivide your goal into small tasks with a given time frame. It will flow you on the correct track with comfort.

new year resolutions

How do you make your goal a part of your daily routine?

Your goal is long term. The challenge is to keep the momentum. You can make activities to reach your goal when it becomes a regular habit. You can absorb your goal into the daily routine. It will hard to break. Think that your big resolution is about healthy living. Then you can change the goal into a daily habit. It includes morning exercise, a healthy diet, and drink an adequate amount of water. Make a daily workout plan and execute it. When it becomes a habit, you will reach your annual goal at the end of the year.

Why do you need a friendly competition with someone who is having a similar goal?

A good way to keep momentum and stay on the correct track is to find a friendly competition. It might be with your friend, co-worker, or family member. If your competitor is in action, He will remind you that you have to do the necessary to compete with him. It might keep you doing active. When you are struggling or being lazy, he will encourage and help you.

new year resolutions

Why do you need to set goals?

Goals are life winning targets that drive you to achieve them. You have something to reward yourself. It will make meaning of your life. It is the path to become a success. It will drive your momentum.

It is time to set your annual goals, plan them clearly, and execute. We hope and wish you all the very best to succeed in reaching your goals this year.

Setting goals and achieving them is fun. “Try it, do it, and feel it.”


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