Do you believe this? Does marriage advice from a divorced woman? It might raise a dose of humor. But, believe me, she experienced life. She knows where it goes wrong. She will tell us we should manage our relationships in the correct way without getting messed up.

I am pretty sure; this article will help you to strengthen your relationship better than ever.

Are you ready to go through the article? Here we go….

This is her view. She married for 9 years. She divorced her husband after 9 years of failed married life. A few years later, she rethinks about what happened. This is the answer she got.

I believe that these 12 points are the key tips for a successful marriage life.

Making a relationship is a shared responsibility of a couple. This discussion is from the wife’s point of view. But it is true for both husbands and wives.

Best 12 marriage advice from a divorced woman

1.See the best in him in all the time

No one on the earth is 100% perfect. All are a mixture of positives and negatives or good and bad. When you are in a relationship, don’t look only at the negative things in your mate. Try to see and count the good things she/he has. Ignore the negatives. If you want, discuss the negative in a good and calm tone, only for the correction, but not for an argument.

Best 12 marriage advice from a divorced woman

2. Sex on a regular basis

It is a well-known fact, the desires of 2 mates of a relationship are different. Sex is in top priority on the male mate’s list. Most women don’t think adequately about this. It will break your male partner’s heart a lot. So, her advice is to give more concern to meet your partner’s sexual needs. It will strengthen the relationship and lasting long.

3. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from someone experienced.

Life is a journey full of events and experiences. It is not always about happiness. There will be situations to take decisions. You may confuse your decision with emotion, anger, happiness, or even jealousy. It will make it difficult to make the right decision. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from people with experience or knowledge. He might be your friend, relative, professional person. It will definitely help you to pass through the situation.

Best 12 marriage advice from a divorced woman

4. Let him rest when needed

People might be in various mindsets. He might be physically or even mentally exhausted. Don’t think that he is ignoring you. Your mate may need a small time of rest to reset and be fresh. You have to identify this and don’t be afraid to give him some time to refresh physically and mentally. Let him give his time to chill a bit. It will create a healthy relationship with mutual understanding.

5. Don’t try to change him; it is not up to you to make him the same way you are

We are different both physically and mentally. It is inborn. Our attitudes, habits, thoughts, actions and everything is different. You are yourself. Let him be him. Otherwise, there will be endless conflicts. Your relationship is in danger. So let it go.

6. Support him all the time by giving compliments about how strong and smart he is.

Males are genetically forgetting this. You are the best person to remind this. Your mate will appreciate it with no words. They love to hear it, especially from wives.

Best 12 marriage advice from a divorced woman

7. Don’t ever think that he did not choose you

Don’t doubt him. He picked you for a specific reason. Don’t take it for granted. He chooses you. That’s it.

8. Laugh when he makes jokes even not funny

Men want to be funny and impress their girls. Sometimes it is not actually funny. But still, they want to make happy you. Respect that. Laugh with your mate’s innocent jokes. It will strengthen your bonds.

Best 12 marriage advice from a divorced woman

9. You are responsible for your actions, nobody else

You have sole responsibility for your actions regardless of your emotional state. You have no right to blame others, especially your soul mate.  So, choose your actions carefully and execute them. If you are emotionally unstable, be calm, take time. Count to one to ten and vice versa.

Best 12 marriage advice from a divorced woman

10. Make him his favorite meal

Everyone will amaze with their favorite meal.  Why don’t you surprise your mate with his most favorite meal? It will help for a long-lasting relationship.

11. Support him when he needs

He might be strong enough. But, there will be occasions that he needs your help. Don’t think twice. That’s the time he needs you. Be gentle and give your full support unconditionally. It will make your bond very strong.

12. Don’t bring up old mistakes, the best tip from the divorced lady

No one is perfect. Don’t bring up old fights and mistakes again and again between you two. It will hurt both of you and damage severely to your relationship. The past is gone. Let it go. Start a new era with trust, love, and peace. Respect your soul mate. The future will be brightening.


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