Mindfulness is the basic human ability to being conscious or aware of something. It might be a condition, situation, or human behavior. Stress can make you fuzzy, unhappy, and uncomfortable. But in reality, you cannot avoid all situations that make you under pressure. That’s why you want to know how to maintain a peaceful mindset. For that, you can practice mindfulness techniques. It will help you to calm down fast.

You can practice these techniques in your day to day life as a habit. It will help to reduce the bad effects of stressed situations. You will relax and improve your efficiency. Here are our best four mindfulness techniques to help you calm down.

4 best mindfulness techniques that help you to calm down
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1. Conscious breathing for a healthy mindfulness

Do you know that breathing is a deeply healing and sacred practice for good health? In yoga and various meditation practices, they use these breathing exercises. It is a thoughtful and purposeful process.

There are lots of techniques for conscious breathing. One very simple method is the 4-7-8 technique. You can close your eyes and mouth. Then inhale quietly through your nose with mental counting up to 4. Then, hold your breath for a mental count of 7. Exhale completely through your mouth by making a whoosh sound to count of 8. This calls one breath.

You will experience a balance and harmonized mental state with regular practice. Your breath becomes equal in length and depth. By Inhaling and exhaling uniformly, it drives you a natural response to inner peace. Your brain starts to think that you relax.

That’s why you don’t want to wait until stress rises up to its greatest level. You can start and practice breathing methods for well-being. Start it today itself. Practice regularly. Try to make a daily habit. You will find inner peace and healthy mindfulness.

4 best mindfulness techniques that help you to calm down
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2. Shift your awareness within

Awareness simply means a state of being conscious of something with knowledge and perception”. It influences the way of reaction, attitude, behavior, and result. For example, you are suffering from gastritis; it makes you in pain and discomfort. Your mindset is awful. Your body reacts negatively.

If you do not educate on how to respond you will sink physically and psychologically. That’s why you need to learn how to shift your awareness within.

There are various methods available. In here you practice shifting your point of awareness from an unhappy situation to somewhere else. You have a stomachache. You want to mask this pain. So, this is one way.

Disappearing act exercise:
this helps you to dissolve your perception of a bad experience.

  • Get a small cloth towel (5”x5”)
  • Lay down in a comfortable place with no disturbances
  • Put the towel on your face
  • Then let the towel disappear from your perception- practice and practice, you can do this
  • Then let your face disappear from your perception
  • Continue this by disappearing yourself from head to bottom.

It shifts your point of awareness from a negative situation to nothing or a positive state

You disappear your stomachache. In this way, you can recognize negative or bad perceptions early and promptly and release them before they amass. It helps you to maintain calm and healthy mindfulness.

4 best mindfulness techniques that help you to calm down
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3. Focus on spaces

Space means a boundless, unoccupied continuous free area. It has no limits literarily. When you focus on a limited occupied area, your mind retracts. It pains both your eyes and mind. When you are in worry, it is not good to be in a limited area like a room. That’s why we use to going away from the habitual place to somewhere else. In the same manner, we can focus our mind on the space which has no boundaries, other objects like the universe.

This is one way. Another interesting method is thinking about spaces within you.

  • Assume you are in a closed room.
  • Sit or lie in a comfortable position
  • Start to focus on the ceiling, doors, and wall of the room
  • Focus and concentrate on your body
  • Concentrate the space between your fingers or toes
  • Further focus proximally from fingers to arms, toe to legs
  • Think about spaces in the nostrils, throat, and lungs

Meanwhile explore what they are, what they make off, while you focus on them, you will free from your worries. You feel free and relax.

4 best mindfulness techniques that help you to calm down
PC- Canva

4. Be in the present moment

The past has experienced either positive or negative. The future has hopes and uncertainty. That’s means we have no much power to control it. The best mindset to maintain is to live in the present by learning from the past and preparing for the future. For that, use the present in maximum and enjoy every moment. Let you enjoy yourself in the present day to day life.

If you are in a garden, feel the texture of the soil, plants. Feel it maximum. When you speak, focus on words, execute them properly and clearly. Enjoy your words. If you are in a business meeting, listen to others well, be active, and participate in your level best. It feels free. Let yourself to pleasure it.

You can apply these mindfulness techniques in your daily activities. When you are in an anxious or stressed condition, try to practice them. You will feel the difference. You will learn how to play the situation and take the maximum benefits for your life. It will let you entertain the full life you have till death.


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